The Miss Globe ® 2018 Beauty Pageant Program

October 09 - 10 - 11

Arrivals of delegates
Contestant arrivals at Rinas International Airport Mother Teresa – Tirana – Albania.
Accommodation at FAFA Resort - Golem.
Photo shooting session for every contestant with the respective National Costumes for The Miss Globe ® 2018 Magazine.

October 12

Visit in Durres City
Day tour around the historical part of Durres (Amphitheater, Castel, etc)
Tour and Lunch in Duka winery – Gjiri i Lalzit
Talent Show 1 at Fafa Resort with special talent: painting cooking etc

October 13

Breakfast at FAFA Resort
Preparations for Miss Bikini
Lunch at FAFA Resort
Show Miss Bikini at Hotel FAFA's pool

October 14 - 15

Departure to Ulcinj (Montenegro) in the morning
Arrival in Ulcinj
Reception by the President of the City of Bursas and the Director of the Tourist Organization
Accommodation in hotel and lunch
Afternoon visit to town, shooting on the small beach
Walking on the shore of Buna river
Diner at the restaurants on the shore of Buna
Disco party in town
Prepare for the Talent show
Visit the Illyrian cemetery in Lake Shas
Lunch in Krajes Malesia
Prepare for the Talent show
Talent Show 2
Dinner at Hotel

October 16 - 17

Departure from Ulcinj to the city of Berat
Lunch in Kavaja restaurant "Kalaja"
Meeting with the mayor of Berat in Berat
Parade with the flags of all the countries, in the pedestrian of the city of Berat
Shooting in the Old Quarter Mangalem (Castle of Berat)
Dinner at the hotel
Departure to Skrapar Canyon
Rafting on the Osum River
Preparations for Talent Show 2
Talent show
Departure to Fafa Resort, in the evening.
Arrival and accommodation at Fafa Resort

October 18

Departure to Tirana from Fafa Resort
Rehearsals in the Amphitheater of Tirana (Lake of Tirana), Venue of the Final show of The Miss Globe ® 2018
Lunch at the restaurant in Tirana
Departing for Kavaja
The final show of Talent Show in Kavaja
Return to FAFA Resort Dinner & Party

October 19 - 20

Rehearsals for the Final Show (Amphitheater of the Lake Tirana)
Dinner and Accommodation in Fafa Hotel

October 21

Final Show of The Miss Globe ™ Beauty Pageant 2018 (Amphitheater of the Lake Tirana)


October 22 - 23

Departure of the Contestants
This program is prepared by Deliart Association



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